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Professor Dae Kim:

Professor Kim has a strong commitment to research. He was a research fellow at the Harvard Medical School and completed a PhD doctorate research degree (under Professor Franklyn, Past-President of the British Thyroid Association and Professor Watkinson, President of The British Association of Endocrine Surgeons), examining the molecular basis of both thyroid and head & neck cancers, for which he was awarded the prestigious ‘Syme Medal’ by the Royal College of Surgeons. 

​During his PhD Doctorate, Prof Kim examined the important carcinogenic mechanisms involved in thyroid and head & neck cancers with a view to identifying novel diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets. He undertook a rigorous scientific study of the role of a novel cancer gene known as PTTG in thyroid and head & neck cancers. PTTG is a multifunctional oncogene shown to be expressed highly in many human cancers, particularly in aggressive tumours, and is predictive of poor patient outcome. 

Following this, a period of post-doctoral research as a Clinical Lecturer in ENT Surgery, helped to maintain an ongoing active research program. To enable progression towards an academic career in medicine he subsequently submitted for and was shortlisted for the final-stage interviews for the both the CRUK and MRC Clinician Scientist Fellowships in 2009. As testaments to his strive for excellence, Prof Kim has been awarded with multiple research grants and numerous national and international prizes from the American Thyroid Association, British Association of Endocrine and Thyroid Surgeons, Otolaryngological Research Society and the Royal College of Surgeons. He has authored over 40 peer-reviewed publication, many in prestigious international journals, and several specialist surgical book chapters including the world renowned Textbook:  ‘The Surgery of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands’, edited by Professor Greg Randolph of Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard University, Boston, USA.

​Presently, Prof Kim supervises a MSc student examining the clinical benefits of minimally-invasive thyroid and parathyroid surgery and an MRC-funded PhD Clinical Research Fellow investigating the role integrin signaling and dysregulated cell metabolism in head & neck and thyroid cancers. Further, he is a core member of a scientific research group, based at the Institute of Cancer Research (London), exploring the role of new and experimental targeted therapy and immunotherapy agents for the treatment of advanced thyroid cancers.

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